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We package different level coffee roast levels and sizes for the international market

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We are sourcing the selected specialty coffee in the origin of coffee, Ethiopia. With diverse climate, Ethiopia has coffee beans with different tastes. We bring those tastes in blended and in their separate unique taste in Beka coffee. The coffees are sourced from the farmers in a fair chain value.

Bekas coffee is curated after a long search for a coffee. Everyone has different take in taste of coffee but generally there is a coffee taste the real drinkers love, we took that deepest soul experience and have prepared your coffee.

Our packaging comes with state-of-the-art foil that preserves the coffee for long time and protects the flavor intact. Coffee packaging is an important piece in packaged coffee.  with this in mind we have carefully designed and get the coffee packaging in a refined machinery with air valve.

Craftily Processed

Excellent roasting with fine machineries we have imported.

Perfectly grinded to to deliver the natural aroma and flavor.

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Neatly Served!

Quality coffee with quality preparation! Come and enjoy our services.